What is Unicorn Mom?

Unicorn Mom:

        /’yoone korn /mom/ – noun

A mother who is not perfect, enjoys booze, has a sense of humor and could careless about what you think.

     See also: Beautiful; Boss; Strong and Zero F#?k$ given.


At the ripe age of 17 years old I became a Unicorn Mom! I had an amazingly beautiful, smart, sassy and dramatic daughter named MALIA, she is truly the reason for the Unicorn transformation.


A couple years later I had her brother DOMINIC or Domino; the T-Rex of the crew! He is all boy- handsome, smart and funny. He is always telling jokes and trying to make us laugh.


The kids got pretty lucky, they got to grow up with their mom! Must have been fun right?

Hahaha, yeah.. Fun..

I know what they mean by “planning for a baby” now. Needless to say life wasn’t perfect we had many hardships including going through a divorce. I thought for sure my ship would sink and there would be no way I would be able to raise a family by myself. On top of being 25 and freshly divorced I was OVERWEIGHT!! How was I supposed to get a new man if I felt like crap about myself?!


YIKES!! That was the heaviest I ever weighed and I have no clue how much it was. You couldn’t have paid me enough money to step on a scale. What was a girl to do? Oh, I know…. Go to a get skinny quick clinic and spend $1,365,746,684,514.00 on painful shots in my stomach, fat burners, “waist training” torture devices and who knows what else. Not to mention I gave myself a HORRIBLE  mental complex that I was the ugliest and biggest human that roamed planet earth and everyone also felt the same way… Needless to say none that that worked (or was true) and something clicked!! What’s the right way to loose weight? Healthy eating, food journals and exercise. WHAT?!?!? Guess what? It worked (not those STUPID it works wraps, but clean eats, portion control and exercise).


Heyyyy- Look at me now! I would say I lost about 40-50 LB’s. Like I said, you couldn’t pay me to weigh myself. There is no secret. I CHOSE to take charge of my personal health and make that lifestyle change. I need to live a long healthy life for my kids and my new found love <3.. I don’t follow any certain “Paleo” diet or anything like that, I just food log with a food tracking app, eat clean for the most part (I am a Unicorn at heart and LOVE sugar, spice and everything nice {everything nice= BOOZE}). I also belong to a CrossFit gym where my mini diva and I train together!


I am so happy with my life right now- I am going through some tough medical issue, I found out I was born with a Chairi Malformation- WTF even is that?! Its where my brain sits about 2 inches into my neck space area, it rests on my spinal chord and causes massive pain and headaches. Jealous?? Probably not, it sucks I’m currently consulting with a Neurosurgeon for my “Decompression” surgery. Yeah its just as scary as it sounds. But I want to spread awareness for this disease and show people that just because you go through a divorce with a 5 & 7 year old at the age of 25, struggle with life expenses, or get told you need brain surgery: LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT!!


YOU CHOOSE YOUR OWN PATH!!! (I just took the Unicorn approach)


Unicorn Mom




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