How do you believe in yourself?

I’m not really sure if I have that answer. I can on0c2fd604a9ce5b20adbf843460bd2e02ly tell you what helped me.. So after I tired all of those “get skinny quick” gimmicks, things kind of started to settle… “Shit, I’m going to have to make that “lifestyle” change everyone is talking about..”

FIRST- don’t look at is as a change.. View it as doing what is healthy for our bodies.. We learned at age 9 about a Food Pyramid and how much and often you need to eat. I know that the higher up on that pyramid was candy, therefore you eat less.. The point is you shouldn’t be all that surprised you are where you are… It didn’t happen overnight and it’s going to take a while to get back to normal.. But that’s okay..


SECOND- It’s ok to get sweaty, tired and sore…. no it’s nothing like sitting on the couch drinking a glass of vino while watching the latest Bachelor episode.. But it is creating a foundation for a healthier you. Don’t you want to outlive your parents?? EXERCISE!!! Starting out slow is a good thing. Think about going to the gym, the way you feel now may not feel good but just Imagine the feeling that you get from losing 5 pounds or reaching a new PR (Personal Record). My unicorn child started working out with me at crossfit and is ready to start competing in it, so one day she did not want to go to the gym. Just because she was tired.. So I said to her ok… that is fine but remember how good you feel afterwards! So she came and did the workout with a salty a$$ face… after we did the cool down she said “that was exactly what my body needed” How incredible is it that an 11 year old can feel that?!? **Moral of the story** GET SWEATY TIRED AND SORE.. it will make you feel better!!!


Look at that beautiful smile while working out hardcore at crossfit ❤ ❤ Making Momma proud 🙂


THIRD: Do you even lift???

If you are just starting out, you don’t have to join a gym to get started.. remember like Forrest Gump did; I just ran and ran and ran until I didn’t feel like runnin anymore.. I started with one WALK…jog….WALK around my neighborhood… then I started to incorporate walking lunges, air squats, push ups and so on until I felt good enough to go to the gym. I also used Instagram to learn some at home workouts.. (You don’t need to buy a fancy program either.. there are a lot of people hooking you up with free and good info on the IG). Anything that you start doing will help you… even jump roping for 10 mins a day will help you burn fat… Start small don’t overwhelm yourself with a new big and scary gym.


The most important key to success is to just believe in yourself.. No else will if you don’t believe in yourself… Be selfish.. Concentrate on your health, body and mind and trust the process…



Unicorn Mom



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